Do not be Picky




Towards Happiness            I Used to Be a Thief              Hidden Filantropist               On Becoming a Hologram                  DO NOT BE PICKY           The Raft of Me

A tale of mr. Picky and the eating of screams. A fridge in the middle of a circle. One goes into the fridge and screams. You will be alone, but also amplified to the outside circle. Then the listening to a 10 minutes jam on the fridge-instrument. The legendary story of mr. Picky gets told and reenacted – especially the part with the wolves is very scary. We now know, that Mr. Picky lives in the fridge. He opens the door, and invites us in, to listen to and eat our screams. Then a lot of screams in the fridge, while mr. Picky feasts on them. 

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