Hidden Filantropist




Towards Happiness          I Used to Be a Thief     HIDDEN FILANTROPIST             On Becoming a Hologram               Do Not Be Picky                The Raft of Me

An adventure into the forest of PVC. People were equipped with plastic bag goggles giving them the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the hidden philanthropist. Then we all ventured in a line into the forest of PVC. One by one the participants was left alone in the forest, being completely lost. The shadow of the philanthropist appeared, and the participants could try to catch him or flee from him. The light went out, leaving everyone in total darkness. Then Kevin began singing a lullaby that his mother had song for him as a child. Everyone met in the middle of the forest, drinking tea and singing lullabies for each other during the picnic. The sun spread its light on the top of the PVC forest, and Kevin helped everyone to find the way out of the forest.

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