I Used to be a Thief




Towards Happiness     I USED TO BE A THIEF            Hidden Filantropist              On Becoming a Hologram                 Do Not Be Picky               The Raft of Me

A tale of birds, dreams and theft. We led people to the nests of three eagles and toured them around the wings, masks and equipment of the birds. A ritual of selftranformation into the eagles was initialized and the people participating helped us transform. The three eagles did a happy-dance, began a discussion with people concerning thieves and theft, and reenacted the story of ‘the drowning fawn’. One of the eagles sang an improvised song with lyrics snatched from the previous discussions while a mixed projection of plastic-surgery videos and commercials was playing in the roofs of the nests. The performance ended with an open discussion of the thematic subjects and the participants reflections and experiences.

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